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The aim of this project is to augment and amplify human intelligence with artificial intelligence. In particular, we propose and develop Learning Cyclotron (LeCycl), a framework that monitors and actuates learning processes. 

M2021: Day 1
Experiential Supplements
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March 2021
Workshop: Day 1

Welcome to the First International Workshop for LeCycl and Experiential Supplements. The workshop theme is: Visions of a Completed LeCycl.


The Workshop is hosted virtually from Osaka Prefecture University on March 10 & 11, 2021. Starting times for both days:

08:00-13:00 CET
16:00-21:00 JST
18:00-23:00 AEDT

March 10 — 

Opening Remarks (5 Minutes)

Opening remarks from Professor

Koichi Kise

Keynote Talk (45 minutes)

Professor Albrecht Schmidt, LMU Munich: "Interactive Human Centered Artificial Intelligence: A Definition and Research Challenges."

Break (15 minutes)

Break (15 minutes)

Presentation Orientation (20 minutes)

Brief overview of the Affinity Wall requirements

Presentation Group 1 (60 minutes)
[Each Presentation: 5 minutes + 5 minutes for overflow, discussion, etc.)

P1: “The Vision and Milestones.” Shoya Ishimaru, Jochen Kuhn and Andreas Dengel


P2: “Emotion Detection & Nudges in LeCycl Project at LISN-CNRS.” Laurence Devillers 


P3: “LeCycl for English Learning: Toward Building a Knowledge Ecosystem.” Koichi Kise


P4: “Knowledge Transferring in a (Virtual) Classroom.” Ko Watanabe, Nicolas Großmann and Shoya Ishimaru


P5: “Memory Augmentation Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges.” Tilman Dingler

P6: "Nudge and Emotions: An Experiment at School in the Project Bad Nudge Bad Robot." Hugues Ali Mehenni, Sofyia Kobylyanskaya, Ioana Vasilescu, Laurence Devillers


Break (15 minutes)

Presentation Group 2 (50 minutes)
[Each Presentation: 5 minutes + 5 minutes for overflow, discussion, etc.)

P7: “Eye-Tracking & Reading Aloud: A First Experiment.” Oliver Augereau and Ioana Vasilescu


P8: “Learning of a Second Language in a Reactive User Interface: First Issues.” Sofiya Kobylyanskaya


P9: “Advanced Vocabulometer: Employment of Mobile Style and Manga for English Learning.” Motoi Iwata


P10: “Knowledge Mastering in a Physics Experiment.” Steffen Steinert and Stefan Küchemann


P11: “The Beginning of Personalized Peer-Production.” Andrew Vargo

Wrap-up and priming for Day 2
(30 minutes)

W2021: Day 2

( 02 )

March 2021 Workshop: Day 2

March 11 — 

Opening and Vibe Board Orientation
(45 minutes)

Technical check and priming for Collaborative Session

Break (15 minutes)

Collaborative Session: What does it take to achieve the LeCycle vision? (120 minutes)

Affinity Wall Building with Miro and

Vibe Boards

Break (15 minutes)

Wrap-up and Discussion (45 minutes)

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