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LeCycl23: Intelligence Augmentation: Future Directions and Ethical Implications in HCI

Topics for Submission and Attendance 

The following themes should help guide workshop discussions and attendees' submissions. Submissions can be early-state research papers, position papers, and case studies. Please see the Submission for more details on how to submit. 

IA Output for AI Input: How is IA being used for training machine-learning and AI systems? How can we ensure that future IA systems benefit humanity? What responsibilities do designers and system engineers need to take? 


Consent: How can individuals and communities consent and withdraw consent from IA systems? When is consent important and when is it not? 


Outcomes and Culture: What role does culture play in the development, testing, and implementing IA? Are different cultures fairly represented in research and design?  


The Question of Fairness: Do we need regulations such as for doping in sports for intelligence doping?


Physiological and Cognitive Implications: Cognitive resources are limited, when is augmentation too much, or can it not be?


Legal Framework: When should IA be introduced? Should it be early in life, late in life, or in special situations?


Systems and Demos for Ethics IA: Novel IA systems with ethical frameworks that are works-in-progress will be welcomed.

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