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LeCycl22: Delivering Sensing Technologies for Education and Learning

Topics for Submission and Attendance 

The following themes should help guide workshop discussions and attendees' submissions. Submissions can be early-state research papers, position papers, and case studies. Please see the Submission for more details on how to submit. 

Optimizing Technologies for Personalized Learning: How can we create and disseminate sensing enabled technologies that are tailored to individual students?


Laboratory vs In-the-Wild: How can studies be developed that better represent real-world usage? Are there meaningful differences between laboratory studies and those conducted in-the-wild? Can the Hawthorne Effect be mitigated with certain strategies? How can user privacy be maintained for different modalities?

Delivering Technologies to the Classroom: How can we integrate the technologies into educational organizations? What are the current barriers? Is there a difference between feedback received from users and outcomes recognized with qualitative and

quantitative methods?

Mixing Modalities: How can lessons learned from one modality be ported over to other modalities? Are there universal trends with users and adoption?

Outcomes and Culture: What role does culture play in the development, testing, and implementation of sensing technologies in learning and education? Are there cultural factors that hinder the delivery of technologies?

Ethics, Regulation, and Privacy: How can we ensure that technologies made for good are actually beneficial to society? What steps need to be taken in order to safeguard user privacy and how does government regulation play into design?

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