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LeCycl22: Delivering Sensing Technologies for Education and Learning

Background and Goals


The Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp) community has developed many advances into understanding and furthering sensing technologies that can be used to facilitate human learning activities. However, many of these technologies have not been delivered to both the public and to educators. Instead, many papers, research and patents represent potential, rather than action. This workshop seeks to further the deliverance of our technologies to the wider world by foster discussion and the development of an agenda for disseminating technologies. 

Workshop Goals:

Activate an Interdisciplinary Community Focused on Disseminating Technology: Augmenting peoples’ learning experiences is still something that is new. Due to the

potential impact of sensing implementation, it is important that a community of experts from different fields is brought together to share and discuss the various outcomes and growing pains the technology may bring before it matures. This also requires a careful examination of how the technologies are developed and tested in both laboratory settings as well as in-the-wild settings.

Identify Key Challenges that Hinder the Deliverance of Technology: As with any new technology, identifying and addressing challenges to adoption is difficult. While we

seek to hear from practitioners and researchers who have successfully implemented technology, we will also seek to hear from those who have faced setbacks which are not published. We will seek to add the voices of researchers who

have tried to have a technology or platform work


The workshop serves as a companion to the Learning Cyclotron (LeCycl) project. The aim of this project is to augment and amplify human intelligence with artificial intelligence. In particular, we propose and develop Learning Cyclotron (LeCycl), a framework that monitors and actuates learning processes. 

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